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We welcome you to Para Vista Preschool!

The Preschool provides an engaging and supportive environment which caters for children who are 3 - 5 years of age. Children can attend five sessions a week and are eligible to receive four terms of preschool. Every effort is made to cater for individual family needs and a combination of half and full days is possible. Aboriginal children may attend from the age of 3. Children from Non-English speaking backgrounds may be able to access early entry. Admissions into Preschool sessions may vary depending on which Primary School your child will attend. Para Vista Preschool supports a strong transition program to Para Vista School but also caters for children who are considering other destinations. Admissions procedures differ from school to school and this needs to be taken into consideration when enrolling your child.           

The Preschool is open Monday to Thursday.

Full day sessions are available.

Morning sessions are from 8.30am to 11.30am.

Afternoon sessions are from 12.00pm to 3.00pm. 

Early bookings are likely to be more flexibly accommodated as places fill quickly.

Out of School Hours Care can be accessed through the school. 

The educational program at Para Vista Preschool is based on the National Early Years learning Framework, which encompasses the themes of Belonging, Being and Becoming.  The learning outcomes are broad long-term accomplishments. Teachers in partnership with children and families construct a curriculum with short term goals for individuals and groups of children. There are 5 Learning Outcomes:

 The daily learning activities in the preschool are designed to support a broad and creative curriculum that actively seeks out children's interests and capabilities and builds a supportive and challenging indoor and outdoor environment.

The Preschool has a focus on

Children develop and learn through a wide variety of enjoyable play-based learning activities. Each child has access to creative materials, manipulative and construction equipment, a range of fine motor experiences, problem solving puzzles / games, reading and dramatic play.  Outdoor learning activities include sand and water play, climbing and balancing, imaginative play and additional large motor skills activities. We have a focus on environmental issues and the children participate in gardening and natural science activities.

During sessions, children participate in a range of literacy & numeracy experiences, including stories, discussion, rhymes, games and music activities.

We maintain links with Preschool Support Services offered through Northern Adelaide regional Office. Children with developmental, learning or speech and language needs can be catered for at the Preschool through the Preschool support program.

Reporting to parents consists of  end of Preschool year Summative Reports, interviews, informal conversations, regular newsletters and displays. Work samples and photos are collected to show children's achievements

The weekly program is displayed in the centre and we welcome parent involvement.

The Preschool offers an extended Pre-Entry and Transition to school program. Each of these programs offers an initial Parent Meeting to orientate families in each new setting.

The Preschool building and grounds are well-maintained, including a shaded sandpit, developmental play areas and a picturesque garden - all surrounded by security fencing.